coding guidelines for Eggplant

Do we have coding guidelines for Eggplant?



What sort of coding guidelines are you looking for? There are some suggested best practices on pages 6-9 of the Using Eggplant guide (found under the Eggplant Help menu) and a suggested naming scheme for images on page 42 of that same document.

If there a is particular topic that you would like to see addressed, please let us know and if we can’t direct you to where it is in the current documentation, we can try to post something here.

By the way, please check your e-mail address in your user profile – the topic reply notification messages and other messages to you generated by this discussion board are bouncing. The domain says that you do not have an account there.


Hi Matt.

Actually i was looking for naming standards for the variables, functions, images (for multiple platform verification) and common standards of eggplant.

Anyways, we are in a process of designing our onw standards, that will help us for maintaining the code as well.

And i have changed the mail id and now receiving the mails. Thanks.


Mahesh W