Client Server Apllication Scripting

Hi All,
I am still a beginer in Eggplant. I am Assigned the Task to Script an Application which does an interaction with the Server.
I have written the Scripts for the Application. But i am Stuck in the User Credentials Part. Actually i want the scripts to run with different Users and passwords. Can you please Let me know which is the best Way to Script these kind of applications.

For Ex:- Login with User1 and verify whether the User1 is Logged in or not. Then Test the Application Functionalities (This part i have finished).

Thanks in Advance


SenseTalk Reference Manual on page 140 helps describe the ability to pass parameters to a SenseTalk handler. In your case you may want to have the following pseudo code fleshed out for your particular situation…

to LoginWithUserAndPassword user, password
setContentsOfField loginField, user
setContentsOfField passwordField, password
Click loginButton
end LoginWithUserAndPassword

You will find the setContentsOfField and other helpful functions online in the Redstone User Forums -> Useful SenseTalk Functions…

We hope you have fun and also increased productivity with Eggplant.