Clicking on each textlink and capture the screenshot

Hi champs ,

please help me out on OCR tool functionality and taking screenshot of each screen,
basically i need to click the different text link on the mobile device ,what i have to do is click on the each link wait till load the page and take screen shot of each page

please see the sample attachment below
Thanks for your time

I’m not sure what information your sample image is meant to convey, but you can capture a screenshot of the SUT with the CaptureScreen command. You’ll want to either specify a unique name for each screenshot or just use the increment:YES parameter to make sure that subsequent screenshots don’t overwrite earlier ones.

Thanks for your reply Matt

the sample image is Mobile screen ,the A,b,c,d ,e,f … are the my website different text links with different images(those box s are my website different product web pages) ,what i am trying is Clicking on all the images one by one and enter the Different products webpage screen and take the screenshot,

how do i use the OCR tool for this scenario,please help me

Thank you

I wouldn’t use OCR for this. I’d just capture images of the links that you need to click on. Regardless, there’s not enough information in your sketch for us to make any useful suggestions.

Thank you Matt

see the attachment ,i got 12 images on the screen ,i got 6 more product images if i scroll down to bottom ,
what is the best way to click on the all the product links and capture all the screenshots for my 18 product pages respectively.

what is the best way to test ,
please give me advice

Capture the 18 images, click on one, use the captureScreen command to do the screen capture, go back to the main page and repeat.

But you’re going to have visually review the resulting screenshots and validate that they’re correct. The right way to test this would be to have a known data set and when you click one of the links, you would also have already captured images that would indicate whether the right page had loaded. Your script would look for the image of the correct page and log an error if it isn’t found. That’s the right way to validate the behavior of the application.

If you’re trying to test the data, then you’d do more what you asked about originally, but then I wouldn’t expect you to know what would be showing up on the main page either.

So what is the goal of your testing?

Thanks Matt,

i just want to capture the all 18 page screenshots and i will review all screenshots manually ,i am not validating any data from the pages,
so i want to click on each image and enter to the product page and take screenshot ,

if i click on each image and take screen shot of the page , back to main page and click on different image and take screen shot …back to main page
in this way i will get much repetition code ,

any best way to deal with this ,
Thank you