Click working too slow

When I use click to click on the start button I’m finding that the it clicks the button and stays on the button. The button stays pressed in. Any ideas on how to have it click and then release?

“Click” presses and releases the mousebutton as one would expect. mouseButtonDown holds it down. I would explore some follow-up actions to investigate what’s happening that indicates the button is experiencing a mousedown state. Such as “moveto” to move the mouse off the button or click somewhere else (perhaps some open area to the side of the button) to see if the button animation changes.
It would help to know what OS you are testing on and example of your code.

Hello, I appreciate your thoughts to the solution of this problem. I’m sorry I didn’t give you more information on this. I ended up figuring it out. The mouse clicking was going to fast. In Functional I went info Eggplant and then Preferences. Clicked on Run and then adjusted the Mouse Click Delay to .04 from .02. That did the trick. Thanks a bunch.

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