Click a button


I am testing a website on chrome browser(on OSX) using eggplant. When I click a specific button, it opens same page from where this click has occured in an entirely new chrome browser window instead of posting the form information. I have tried clicking the button manually and also, executing just that single click line selection from eggplant. It works fine then. I’ve tried checking all chrome settings and other stuff but cannot see where I am going wrong.

Has someone been in this situation earlier ? Is there something missing piece…?

It is like a simple login for yahoo!. Provide username and password, click sign in button for yahoo! it didn’t work in chrome. Other browsers are fine with same code.


What does your script look like? Do you use any modifier keys (command, control, option) earlier in your script? It seems like what’s happening is a command-click or option-click or something like that. Try adding this command before the click:

KeyUp allModifierKeys