Clarification to capture Blinking Images using eggplant.

Hi All,

Do we have any command to capture the blinking images using eggplant?

If the whole image is blinking on and off (as in disappearing and reappearing) then you’re probably going to need to do one of the following:

a) Close the connection to the SUT while the image is in it’s on state. This will freeze the image on the screen (since you won’t be getting VNC updates). You can then capture the image and then reconnect.


b) Get a copy of the image in its on state from the developers and copy it into the images directory of your suite. Eggplant understands many image formats and sometimes it’s quicker to use existing images than to recapture them through the Eggplant interface.

I don’t think you’ll need to do anything special when you run your script, unless the blink rate is really long. If you find that Eggplant has trouble finding the image or it is inconsistent, I think the following code would make the action more reliable:

WaitFor 5, "BlinkingImage"
Click FoundImageLocation()

It’s possible that the wait time might need to be increased, but you’ll need to try it to find out.