Choose correct option from list of option - with "Find


Can someone answer me for below question please!!

I’ve a dropdown field with list of options “Attempted Pickup, Attempted Delivery, Pickup”.

Now I need to design automated script which has to select desire option from the list of drop down.
For example: If I script like – Click (Text: “Pickup”), I would expect to select “Pickup” option from the list of options but it’s not.

For some reason, tool identified and select “Attempted Pickup” option instead of “Pickup”.

How can I correct this?


The easiest solution is to use images – you’ve only got 3 options, so there’s not much effort in capturing the images. Capture the word “PickUp” with a lot of space after it so that eggPlant can differentiate it from “Attempted Pickup”, which presumably has very little space after it on the drop down.

Otherwise, if you know that it is the second of two occurrences of the word “Pickup” on the screen, you can use code like this to find both and click the second:

click the last item of everyImageLocation(Text:"Pickup")

I wouldn’t prefer the way Capturing image option as I see the scripts that I design need to work on different Windows Mobile versions.

For example, if you look at WM5.0 it has a different background and the same with WM6.1 and WM6.5

I might prefer with the second option that you detailed, will try and come back to you if I’ve any questions.