Chat GPT generation

Is anyone using Chat GPT to either find documentation or generate code?

I gave it a shot last year. For the script specifications I noted:

  • Language: Eggplant SenseTalk
  • Application: Eggplant Functional 22.5.0
  • Script Requirements:
    • foo
    • bar

I basically asked for a SenseTalk snippet that would run ipconfig on the VM SUT and tuck the localhost IP value into a CSV file. I soon discovered that while ChatGPT did great with SenseTalk by itself, once I started engaging it specifically for Eggplant Functional use I had to work as hard to get something usable as I would have on my own. I haven’t tried again since but it’s always worth another go if there are improvements in how much ChatGPT now knows about Eggplant’s implementation of SenseTalk, and if it has a better general understanding of how automation testing scripts should be implemented to enhance usability and modularity.

Have you tried it out yourself, and what was your experience?

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