caret/mouse cursor should follow navigation in editor

I have been using Eggplant for about 2 weeks now and I still do this:

In the editor:

{ah - there’s the line I want!}

{ahhhhh! I’m back up three pages and typing in the wrong spot!}

Please make the editor’s cursor or caret (whatever you call it) follow my pageup/pagedown navigations.


The script editor uses the standard Macintosh text editor so we are a little reluctant to change it’s behvaior.

However, if you want the cursor to follow your navigation just hold down CTRL and it will go with your scrolling.

I myself have been bitten by that behavior. I’ll look and see if there is a way to make that the default.

Thank you. I will try and get into the CTRL habit.
I agree that changing behavior in this case is probably not good.