Capturing images as .png the OS X version

Is there a way, on the OS X version, to save the captured images as PNG instead of TIFF? I know the Windows version saves the images as PNG. Is there an environment variable that can be set to change the export method?


Your wish is my command. :slight_smile: The 10.2 version of eggPlant for Mac OS, posted within the last few days actually allows you to now save as PNG. It can be downloaded at

Thanks. I guess I wasn’t patient enough. :slight_smile:

So, unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case. 10.2 for Linux and Windows do allow you to fall back to .TIF if you need to. 10.2 for Mac is still TIF only at this time. We may be able to do this for a future release on Mac but it’s not there currently.

Is there a plan to get this feature ported to the OS X version?

We didn’t see it as something that really would have much demand, but obviously it has value for you. I’m curious to hear why you would use that feature on Eggplant for Mac.

We have another program that uses these images, but doesn’t accept TIFF images. It turns out that I can use Preview to do a batch image conversion from TIFF to PNG.

I would be interested for options “jpeg” or “png” format of screenshots with CaptureScreen too.

Hi, Just want to vote yes to getting this in OSX. It turns out we can’t use the .TIFF format.

Will, OSX version allow you to save as PNG?

I don’t see it in the prefs?

Has anyone found a workaround?

Hey Everybody!

I have an elegant work around. So I think.

I created an app using automator for OSX from this tutorial.

That simply converts all the TIFFs in a folder to PNG… or whatever you want!

  1. Open Automator
  2. Select “Application”
  3. On the left in “actions” search for “get folder”
  4. Drag “Get Folder Contents” to the workspace on the right.
  5. Do another search for “Convert” and drag “Convert Type of images” to the workspace on the right.
  6. Select what you want the output to be “PNG” for my example.
    7 Drag the source Folder for your images Above “Get folder Contents”
  7. Save as an application

Then just all the app from Eggplant when you need it. Voila.

Call the app like this… making sure the path is correct for your computer.

open “~/Desktop/”

Very nice! Thanks!