Capturing GUI images outside EggPlant

When we start recording a test script in EggPlant, we simultaneously capture the images of controls required for the script. The “Images” folder store the image and the corresponding “.imageinfo” file.

My query is : Is it possible to capture the images outside Eggplant, by using tools like PrintScreen and create a corresponding “.imageinfo” file?

You can capture the images using any tool that you like, but when you import them into eggPlant they’ll just get a set of default values: the Search Type will be Precise (you’ll probably want to go through and change them to Tolerant or Text depending on the contents of the image) and the Hot Spot will be in the center of the image (which is always the default, but which you can override when doing captures in eggPlant). And there won’t be any information about the coordinates where the image was originally captured, which is not necessary, but is sometimes nice to have.

eggPlant is actually able to import quite a few different image types, and we often suggest that if you’re testing against a web site, you start by importing any existing images that are used on the sites pages (assuming that they are not being scaled before being displayed by the browser).