Capturing from a dropdown list

I m having a similar scenario
Hi all,
I am new to sense talk, and I was wondering, How can I capture a value from drop down list. For an instance. I have a field for GENDER:
When I click on it a drop down list opens and I need to hover over a value and click to select it. I tried it recording Live mode, but the list closes and I was unable to capture the value from the list. I was just wondering if there is a script to perform this action.
Also how do I write a script to implement key board actios…like arrows to select up and down, enter , etc?

If you’re having trouble capturing something because it doesn’t stay on the screen long enough, then you should follow the tips in the Using Eggplant manual under the topic “Capturing Tooltips and Other Transient GUI Elements”.

Most special keyboard keys have keyword equivalents; they are listed in Appendix C of the Eggplant Reference. These are triggered via the TypeText command:

TypeText rightArrow
TypeText controlKey, "a", tab
TypeText controlKey, "v", enter