Can't we directly connect to the SUT with out a VNC server


Please could you let me know if we need a VNC server or can?t we directly connect the SUT (Our application under test) in our case it is the web application in the connection list and then connect to it.


This is an eggPlant question. EggPlant is a two-computer system (or more appropriately, a two?user-session system) and always requires a VNC connection. It’s just the way it works. Without a VNC connection, there’s nothing for eggPlant to see.


Thanks for your reply.

Can you please let me know what is the use of VNC here. And if I install VNC then where will I install the eggplant tool and from where I need to open the SUT and start recording or running my scripts. Please could you explain me in detail.

Thanks, Satish


eggPlant is a two-computer system. You install eggPlant on one machine, and your application-under-test and VNC on the other machine. eggPlant uses VNC to communicate with the other system to test your application.


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your reply and the Information.

My next question, Is there any alterative for VNC, can’t I use two Windows machines to perform this tasks, If so how do I do it.


You would need to use two Windows machines anyway. One would be running eggPlant and the other one would be running your application and a VNC server. EggPlant will connect to the VNC server, which will display the screen of the machine that your application is running on.

VNC is similar to Windows Remote Desktop (and, no, you can’t use that instead) – it allows you to see and interact with the display of a second machine. VNC servers are small applications that are – for the most part – freely available for most modern operating systems.

You seem to have some concerns about using VNC. It might be better if you disclosed what your concerns are so that we can address them rather than asking about alternatives that don’t exist.