Can't run scripts while also editing / interacting with EPF

I’ve reported a defect to Eggplant which essentially forces Windows and Linux users to choose whether we want to Run our code, or else edit / navigate within Functional.

(And when running, we can’t scroll / interact with the Run window, or else EPF halts execution).

Since reporting the issue in February 2021, I haven’t locally Run anything besides small code snippets. I push code to EPM and run it there as a workaround, but obviously can’t pause to debug, etc.

I consider this defect a severe handicap in terms of limiting our ability to use the product in an efficient / reasonable manner. It effectively prevents us from taking advantage of many of Eggplant Functional’s core features.

Eggplant informed me that a patch is not scheduled for inclusion in any upcoming EPF releases. To quote:

It was determined to be a fundamental architectural limitation of how threading is handled on GNUStep for Windows and Linux. The Effort to rework the logic behind this functionality was determined to be too high and way too risky.

I’m hoping that other Windows customers see this post and encourage Eggplant to prioritize resolution.

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