Can't play recorded QuickTime Movie on a Windows system

I’ve used the StartMovie and StopMovie Commands to record a QuickTime movie from SUT.
The generated movie is ok on mac system but I’m not able to play the movie on a Windows System.

When I try to open the file i get an error message that QuickTime wasn’t able to open the file because it’s no QuickTime file.

Do I have to convert it in any way or to specify any options for recording?

This is a very big Problem for me so I hope there is a solution.

Kind regards

There may be some problems with the codec we are using for recording movies. All movies recorded with Eggplant will be recorded at full screen resolution and can have the potential to generate large movie files. Therefore, you may want to import your movies into iMovie or Quicktime and save it out again. I recommend scaling it down while you’re at it.

Is there any way to scale the video down while it is recorded so that I do not need to do some extra work?

Unfortunately, compressing the movie in another app after recording is the only way to go. We intend to add this capability in the future.