Can't get the StartMovie command to work

The StartMovie command is hanging up Eggplant application. Everytime I use the command it looks like it tries to start the recording but then it issues a bunch of stopmovie new connection commands. If I try to abort the script I can’t and I have to force quit the application. Any ideas?

Thank You

What version of Eggplant are you running. Also, what does the syntax of your command look like?

I’m using ver 3.01 and the standard StartMovie “FileName” command I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my VNC connection.

Try upgrading to the latest version of Eggplant. There was a bug in movie records that fits the description of what you have described that was fixed in the v3.1 release.

Do I need an active maintenance agreement to upgrade? I am in the process of renewing but the software has been bouncing around the company for awhile and they let the support expire.

Yes, an active support contract is needed to upgrade.