Can't copy and paste with Vine Viewer

Am I doing something stupid? It appears from the manual that Vine Viewer can copy and paste plain text between the VNC client and server when used with the Edit menu in ‘many applications’. However, I can’t get it to work, the clipboard on the client computer (an Intel iMac I got two days ago) resolutely refusing to lose its previous contents.

It’s worse than that, because while I was fiddling around, Vine Viewer locked up. I disconnected and then connected again, at which point I got a really annoying buzz from the iMac speakers and an error message which kept coming back. Vine Viewer was still running but not responding when I chose Force Quit, and quitting it stopped the buzz.

The main reason for trying Vine Viewer was to allow me to copy text via the clipboard (something that Chicken of the VNC can’t do). However, the only review on VersionTracker mention its instability and I can vouch for that. I won’t be paying the shareware fee just yet …

First off, just to be sure. You must be connecting to a Vine Server on the remote machine AND it must be running as a desktop server application (not a System Server that is set to start at boot time).

We have identified a problem with clipboard sharing on 10.2 that we are working right now to resolve and should have a patch available shortly.

Hi, Jonathan.

The manual is a little misleading because I read it to say that you didn’t need Vine Server for copying plain text, only for styled text and lots of other things.

I’m running 10.4.8 on both systems, PowerPC on the server and Intel version on the client system. Does your patch apply only to 10.2?

I’ve installed Vine Server on port 5901, leaving ARD on port 5900 and Vine Viewer can see and connect to either. Choosing the Vine Server allows me to copy and paste formatted text from the Vine Viewer window into TextEdit on the client system. Unfortunately, I need to be able to copy text out of a Classic Application, which won’t run on an Intel Mac, and this does not work. Looks like I am back to using Chicken of the VNC (saves having to start the server) and pasting the text into a file to exchange the information rather than using the clipboard.

Unless of course you are working on copying and pasting from Classic?



You do not need Vine Server for plain text clipboard support, you just need a working VNC server, and ARD is not one.

As far as classic clipboard support, this works with a small caveat. The way MacOS X makes this work is that when you copy text in a Classic app it doesn’t get put onto the “modern” clipboard until you switch focus from the classic app back to a modern one (like Finder). Then you should be able to paste that through through from the VNC server to your Vine Client.

Our upcoming patch solves a number of issues for both Vine Viewer and Server, not just the 10.2 clipboard support.

I’m a little confused on the clipboard as well. Please note I am running the System Startup Server.

I can’t get clipboard sharing to work at all. For example, if I open TextEdit on my Vine Server machine and type some text and copy it, when I try and paste it into my Vine Viewer client machine’s copy of TextEdit only the old client clipboard info exists.

What am I missing?

Because of inherent security restrictions in Mac OS X the System Server (Startup Item) does not have any pasteboard access. You must be running Vine Server in GUI mode.

Thanks. That was definitely not clear in the faqs/manual.

Question then. If I am running through the Startup version to access the computer, if I then launch the GUI version, will clipboard become available?

I need the ability to log in to the computer if, due to power failure or security update, it is restarted. Thus I need the Startup version active. However, once I’m logged in, then the GUI version will be just fine…until the next power failure, software update.

Since the clipboard would be handy, is there a strategy to activate that while still allowing access to logging in following a restart?

Once you are logged in you can startup the GUI server on a different port and connect to that. It doesn’t do any sort of automatic “upgrade” of the Startup Item though, that one still doesn’t have clipboard access.

Perfect. Works like a charm. Thanks.

I’ve read through the forum but cannot find an answer to this vexing issue - whilst I’m able to transfer/control remote Vine Servers from Viewer cutting and pasting anything larger than a text file seems to deadend on the remote Vine Server; the file appears on the clipboard but cannot be pasted out from that. Do I need to zip files? Any ideas really appreciated!

Host is G4 Macmini OSX10.4.8 Viewer is Intel macbook


Make sure that you are running the latest Vine Viewer (1.1) and Server (2.1) and that you are connecting to your running GUI Vine Server (Not a system server and not the built-in ARD server).

The best way to verify this is to hit “View Log” in the Server GUI and then watch the log messages appear when you connect with your viewer.