Can't Connect to VNC 4.1.3 from a MAc with different subnet


So I have a problem with the network at my work. I believe this is an issue with the network here but was hoping that there might be a command line solution or another solution to help me out.

Basically the problem is that on my MAC that is running eggplant and has a subnet mask of I cannot connect to a XP (VNC 4.1.3)that is on the same network but has a different subnet mask of I can easily connect to an XP with the same subnet mask as the MAC. Any ideas if this is a limitation with VNC or maybe there is a setting I can change or another solution to this problem. These subnetmasks seem to be set randomly so I don’t really have control over it.


This problem has now been solved by IS. For some reason the Ip’s were being randomly resolved and placing computers on a alternate DNS that we did not know about.