Cant connect to Vine server when no one logged on at console


Im using the latest 3.12 and Ive noticed that I cannot connect to Vine when I have just rebooted my Mac and no one has logged in. This is particularly frustrating since I cant VNC to my Mac to actually log in. Can anyone else confirm this as an issue please? Im using Snow Leopard. Typical messages are when conneting using UltraVNC or TightVNC are “Bad connection, someone else is listening on that port” “Incompatible version” and sometimes a password prompt but when the password is entered the VNC session appears then disappears. I just tested then several times whilst not logged on, and couldnt get in. I then logged on to the console, and immediately tried a VNC connection from another device which worked fine after I was logged in to the console. Can anyone assist please? Thank you. Shaun

You have to be running the System Server to log in when nobody is. If you aren’t then it’s possible/probably that you are only running Apple’s Screen Sharing.