Can't connect to a device which serial number begins with 29db... instead of ce07...

Hi everyone!
I hope you can help me…
I’m trying to connect to a device( Specifically a S9 SM-G965F-Samsung) which serial number doesn’t begins with ce07… like others that I can use(S7 and S8)

If I go to ./adb devices list

./adb devices

List of devices attached

29db5aa8cd0b7ece device------------------------S9(the device that eggplant can´t connect to)

ce011711d07bc53d03 device---------------------S7

ce0718278a93dc7c0d device--------------------S8

these are the lines of the script that doesn't work

"Connect (29db5aa8cd0b7ece)

put "Galaxy_S9_Images" into device


And these is the error in eggplant:

"Syntax Error at line 3: Syntax Error - can't understand "29db5aa8cd0b7ece" at character 10 (an identifier can't start with a digit, and "db5aa8cd0b7ece" is not a unit name)"

It's not supported?

Thanks a lot!

Connect (ServerID:"SM-G965F")

Fixed !