Can't completely connect to Vine Server

Hi All,

For some reason - oddly after using Vine server instead of OSXVNC Server - when I try to connect, it goes so far as to let me authenticate using my password, then throws up a screen asking me to wait while it generates the screen. It gets stuck there and I can’t do anything.

Anyone know why this may happen?

TIA - Vijay

What client are you using?

There are times when I can’t get to my session.

I’ve found steps to reproduce :
Let’s assume we’re connecting from Win to Mac.
Launch Vine Server in personal mode.
Connect from Win to Mac (I’m using TightVNC)
Relogin at least twice on Mac.
After all session must be switched off and Mac must show the logon screen.
Session on Win is frozen and not usable. Reconnecting fails. TightVNC neither asks for a password nor shows the screen. Nothing. I can’t get to my session.
Quote from logs :

2007-01-01 07:35:03.260 OSXvnc-server[2164] Screen Geometry Changed - (1024,768) Depth: 32
OSXvnc-server(2164,0xa000cfc0) malloc: ***  Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x396a000; This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug

Declared steps are usual if sessions are reused both locally and remotelly.

Reason seems to be unexpected no-op “Screen Resolution Change” (from 1024x768x32 to 1024x768x32)

Are you using fast-user-switching at all and which version of Mac OS X are you running on?

FUS is on. Mac OS X 10.4.8

Reading your repetition scenario careful you say that you are using the GUI/Login level server but that you logout and leave the machine at the login screen. In this case the GUI servers are all shut down and so you shouldn’t be expected to make a connection.

Only a system server will allow access to the login screen. If I’ve misunderstood something in your scenario please clarify.

Sorry for incompete info. Server is in the personal mode.

And I meant switching off the current session from the FUS menu and reloginning back. At least twice.
Can the reason be high memory loads?

Anyway I don’t like the “Screen Resolution Changed - Server reinitialized” message after loginning locally the session become remotelly inaccessible. Screen res. is always the same, 1024x768x32. I suppose it to be OS X’s refresh method or something like this.