Cannot use sendmail


I am trying to send mail using sendmail. I am not successful and do not understand how to use it. Always seeing unable to authenticate error. My company however uses exchange server. How do I use a smtp account for this? Can we use any regular yahoo or gmail account for the purpose.


I couldn’t get the free email services, including gmail, working with sendmail in Eggplant, so I pay a small amount a month for web hosting and email that works with Eggplant (plus I get a web server, database server, ssh, sftp and webdav that I can use for testing).

Found the solution. It works for me when I use it without any authentication. Problem solved for now.

after gone throught the post, i felt that you have experienced the same issue. could you please update me about the fix. there might be some sort of setting need to be done?
I have tried by selecting the Mail preferencesAuthentication None/Plain.
but getting the same exception.
how do i add port in sendmail syntax?


The latest release of eggPlant (v 11.3) includes a new email engine which does a much better job of sending email, particularly with regard to authentication and encryption issues. Please download the latest version and see the release notes for more details.

To set a custom SMTP port to use for email, you can either specify it in the Mail pane of the Preferences panel, or include an SMTP_PORT: property in the property list passed to the SendMail command:

SendMail (to:recipient, from:sender, body:myMessage, SMTP_PORT:8825)

Thanks Doug,

I have eggplant V11.10 for Linux. I also verified by selecting the Mail Authentication as ‘None’ in Info->Preferences-> Mail pane, but i dont find any for SMTP_PORT field there.

here is my blue print of script:

RunWithResults “pricaticeTwo” --practiceTwo is another script
Put the result into OutCome
If the status of OutCome is not “SUCCESS” then
put OutCome Logfile into screenError
replace “Logfile.txt” with “Screen_Error.tiff” in screenError
sendmail(to: “”,
form: “”,
Subject: title,
body: “test script for send mail”,
smtp_host: “”,
smtp_type: “None”,
smtp_port: 8825,
attachment: (screenError, OutComes Logfile))
put “Every thing is OK”
sendmail(to: “”,
form: “”,
Subject: title,
body: “test script for send mail SUCCESS”,
smtp_host: “”,
smtp_type: “None”,
smtp_port: 8825)
end if

Getting the same error ‘EDMailAgentException Authentication Failed’ after executing the above code.

please update me if any thing wrong in the above code.


I strongly recommend upgrading to eggPlant v11.3, which includes a major overhaul of the SendMail functionality.

Otherwise, your script generally looks fine at a glance, except for what appear to be some spelling errors and typos (e.g. be sure to use ‘from’ not ‘form’ in your actual script).

I am really sorry to not replying, as you have advised i have upgraded the eggplant to v11.3, then i configured the mail server details in Mail pane., then worked perfectly. thanks a lot.