Cannot move the crosshairs with mac to pc to mac setup


I have a setup where I remote desktop from a Mac to a PC that is running the Eggplant connector to a Mac Rita Server. Unfortunately I’m unable to grab and move the crosshairs when capturing images; my Command Key is ignored inside the Remote Desktop session and I have no way to emulate the Windows-Click combination.

thanks for any advice!


I can’t emulate that exact setup very readily, but a suggestion is to try a modifier key combination like option + command or shift + control – I’m not sure either of these will work, but I’ve had some luck with combinations like these in multi-connection situations. Experiment a little and you may find a combination that works. Failing that, after you capture the image, you can select it in the Images tab, use the “i” button to open the Info drawer, and edit the Hot Spot fields to move the Hot Spot crosshairs. Once you’ve done that, you can select the line in your script that uses the image and do a Run Selection to make sure that you’ve set the coordinates properly.

Hope that helps.