Cannot connect to switched session

I am running Vine Server 3.11 (1031) on OSX Server 10.6.2 on a Mac Pro and Vine Viewer 3.1 (1228) on OSX 10.6.2 on a Mac Mini, where both are on the same local network. Working with two logged-in accounts, Viewer successfully connects if the target account is active. In each case, if the account is inactive, I get

Connection failed:Connection Closed by Host

On the server, Fast user Switching is enabled. Ports 5901 and 5902 are configured for each respective account. In each case the server is set to start when the Vine Server application is launched which in turn is set to Open at Login. “Restart server if it stops unexpectedly” is enabled. Firewall security is off on both hosts. I even tried booting the server in 32-bit mode, without any improvement.

Nothing interesting turns up in the log on the server. On the mini, there are three interesting entries from the Viewer:

kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSShapeWindow
kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged.
kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSShapeWindow

What do you mean by “if the target account is active”? What does “active” mean? You have to have logged into any user accounts that you want to connect to – just trying to establish a connection doesn’t log in the user – that’s an action that needs to be performed manually before you can connect via VNC. With Fast User Switching enabled, you can log in to multiple user accounts and leave them logged in and then connect to them via VNC.

“Active” as in actively displaying on the server host. “Not Active” as in logged-in, but not displaying on the server host.

Unless I have gone off the deep end, I am realizing that VNC is a 1:1 connection protocol as opposed a M:1 connection offered by terminal services, which is what I am looking for. :oops: