Can you run Multiple Greens on one Mac?

I just realized something from looking at the RITA thing.

In our situation I have two Green licenses. Can I run them both on one Mac and have one test PC SUT #1 and the other Test PC SUT #2? Or do I have to buy a new Mac for each instance of Green?

And if so… how many instances of Green can I run on one machine. This would save us a lot of money!

Yes, you should be able to run more than one copy of Eggplant Green (now known as Eggplant SE) on the same machine. You’ll probably need to give a different name to each copy (EggplantA, EggplantB, or whatever) in order to make everything work, or else use Fast User Switching to log into different accounts and run a different instance of Green on each account.

Also, keep in mind that Eggplant can be memory intensive (at times) and so if you are running a low end Mac you might want to add some additional RAM. But yes many people are running multiple Eggplant licenses (of various varieties) on a single machine.

How do I “rename” it?

Do you think I could run 2 on a PowerBook G4, 1.25 ghz 1 gig or ram?

Generally speaking you can just use the Finder to just change the name of the folder. That works fine unless you want the different versions to have different preferences (or different titles in the menu). If you want that there is a little utility suite in the examples forum that will do that for you.

I would honestly recommend getting up to 2GB of memory although I’m sure you can run it with just 1GB, it’ll just be a bit slow.