can we capture image in the script

i mean in the middle of the script can script automatically capture images will it be possible.

Because verification process is becoming tight.

if any solution please tell me…

The CaptureScreen command is what you are looking for. Its on page 86 of the Eggplant Reference manual (download it if you haven’t, it’ll be your bible if you work with eggplant a lot). I’ve reproduced it below:

[size=18]CaptureScreen Command[/size]
Example: CaptureScreen (Name: “ImageFileName”, Rectangle: ((67,33), imagelocation:
Parameters: An optional property list.
Behavior: Captures a snapshot of the entire Viewer window, or a rectangle indicated in the property list. You can
customize this command with a list of any number of the following properties:

[quote]? Name. An image file name and optional path information. (The default value is Capture_Screen.tiff, saved
in the Results directory.)
? Rectangle (or Rect). A pair of diagonal locations indicating a rectangle to capture. (The locations can be screen
coordinates, and/or image locations.)
? Increment. A value of yes or true appends an automatically incremented number to the image. (The default
value is no.)
? ImageInfo. A property list of additional information. (For more information, see the ImageInfo() function,
? Tip. Incrementing is helpful if you are capturing several snapshots within a script (as in a loop or frequently
called handler.) The images can all have the same image name, with the incremented number distinguishing
them; otherwise, each image would overwrite the previous image with the same name.