Can the SUT's file system be manipulated with SenseTalk?

I am new to this so please pardon me if this is an easy question. I am running Windows XP SP3 on both my machine as well as the SUT.

While trying to script the uninstall of our application I ran into a problem. Our uninstall does not remove all of the files installed(not my problem) and after scripting the uninstall I added the following line to the uninstall script "delete folder “C:\Program Files\DirectoryToDelete” and to my surprise I had managed to delete the folder from my personal machine’s file system. Obviously, not the result I had hoped for.

Does anyone know if this type of scripting can be done with eggplant? I had hoped to clean up the left over files with one line of script rather than opening a DOS prompt or the Windows Explorer and scripting the UI.

The file system commands affect only the local file system. The VNC protocol only allows us to send keyboard and mouse events to the system – there aren’t any deeper hooks. One workaround would be to share out the drive of the SUT and mount it on the eggPlant machine. Then you can access the files via the local mount point using the SenseTalk file system commands.

Not what I was hoping to hear, but thank you.

Another workaround is to create a script that can be executed via GUI (e.g. double-click on a file). It sounds like that might be easy to do in your case since you know what you want to delete.