Can not connect to Windows Machine via network

I have downloaded the trial version of the software and I am attempting to find out if it will be useful in testing our software. I am attempting to connect from our Mac to a Windows XP SP2 machine but for some reason when I enter the IP address it also ways times out, I can ping the XP machine from the MAC though. Do give you all more clue I have

  1. Installed Eggplant on my Mac
  2. Installed VNC Server on the PC and configured it as the documentation shows
  3. Attempted to connect and the connection always times out

Any ideas?


try to open vnc port on xp sp2 firewall

on command prompt digit :

netsh firewall add portopening tcp 5800 C:\yourprogramdir\RealVNC\VNC4\winvnc4.exe ENABLE SUBNET

netsh firewall add portopening tcp 5900 C:\yourprogramdir\RealVNC\VNC4\winvnc4.exe ENABLE SUBNET

This is happening to me as well and I tried the command line advice above and I still get the time out when trying to connect. Anyone have any other ideas for me to try to get this working? I have Macs on my network also and I am able to connect to them just fine both by IP address and using Bonjour.

I have the same problem too. Are you sure, that the security mechanism of vine and RealVNC 4.x are matching?

I tried to connect to the Windows XP with and without encrypted connection without any success. Always getting the same message: “Authentification Failure …”

So I think this is not a problem with Win XP because all other Windows machines get access to that Win XP PC including the parallels virtual machine i am running on my iMac.

I think there might be some security protocol issues between RealVNC and Vine.

Non-encrypted connections are working for connecting to RealVNC on Windows XP.

However we are not using the proprietary encryption that Personal and Enterprise RealVNC are using. We are using open SSH tunnels (because it comes standard on MacOS X).