Can I choose another location to install eggPlant?

On WindowXP,it looks like that I can’t choose another folder to install eggPlant but just “C:\Program Files\Eggplant”.Because the blank in folder “Program Files”,I am not able to run “runscript.bat” from a TCL script.I tried to create a shortcut for it,but failed too.Could you please give some help on this?

After the install, you can copy the install folder anywhere you’d like – it’s completely self-contained. You’ll need to update the shortcuts for the items in the Start menu, but otherwise it will just work. I think it must be possible to use a path with a space in it in TCL – that’s been around for a long time. In the DOS shell or a batch script, you just put the path to runscript in quotes.

But way can you chose the folder from the instalation setup?

That just wasn’t implemented in the install, mostly because it doesn’t matter. Generally you’d need to provide that if the installer was setting some values based on where the item is installed; we’re not doing that so it’s enough to install it in the default location, from which you can copy it wherever you would like. We may include the ability to select the destination from the installer in the future.