Can I access file in test host local path?


I’ve a file in local path of my test host, and I want to access it in my script. This is how I did:

if file DataPath exists then
   put file DataPath into Data
   repeat with n=1 to the number of lines in Data
      get line n of Data
      put it into Line
      -- Process the data here
   end repeat
end if

If DataPath points to a network path (e.g. /users//data.txt), then Eggplant managed to detect the existence of this file and read it as expected. However, if DataPath points to a local path (e.g. C:<name>\data.txt), Eggplant will never got the chance to enter this if block. It didn’t able to detect the existence of this file. I’m pretty sure that the file is there.

My best guess at this point is that Eggplant couldn’t recognize path like C:<name>\data.txt is a local path in test host, and it refers to nowhere?? What should I do in order to instruct Eggplant to read a file from local path in (windows) test host?


The file you’re accessing has to be accessible on the Eggplant machine, so if you can share the drive of the SUT and mount it on the Eggplant machine then you can access the files on it. Remember that – aside from clipboard access – Eggplant really only ever sees a picture of the SUT; it has no visibility into the system at all.