Can Eggplant use SQL commands or access the database?

Can Eggplant use SQL commands or access the database?

We’re currently using Mercury Quality Center (ver. 9.0) and I was wondering if its possible to integrate Eggplant with it. Or have Eggplant be able to access it?


Currently Eggplant does not have any support for direct DB access although it’s something we plan to offer in a future version of Eggplant.

One solution, if your batabase has Command Line access via isql or something similar, is to issue shell() commands and read the results into your scripts that way. Please see SenseTalk Reference: shell() function in Other Commands and Functions (v3.3 - pg 258).

Similarly, if your DB has a web interface you can submit URL requests to extract (or enter) data. Please see SenseTalk Reference: Working with URLs and the Internet (v3.3 - pg 232)

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was wondering about isql. Are you referring to this?

or is there another one?

I’m also currently looking into QC 9 manual to see if it can be access by commandline.

I look into SenseTalk Ref in regards to URL queries and I still don’t understand it. Can you give some example on how it might be use to query a web interface DB?

The URL for QC9 remains the same as I log in and access the DB.

It contains:

Textfield - User Name
Textfield - Password
checkbox - Automatically log in to last domain and project
Button - Authenticate
Textfield - Domain
Textfield - Project

Once I’m in, I can go to one of 5 modules

I would need to get to one of the module (Testplan)


That ISQL project looks neat but I think that’s a visual interface. There should be a variety of command line sql interfaces.

As far as web access goes, you need to determine the URL needed to access the specific data you want. This is easiest if the web interface uses GET access (as opposed to POST) where the query values are part of the URL, it might look something like this…

You can then get the full response with a simple command:

put url ""

If the values aren’t in the URL like that you can still do it but it will require that you get documentation about the Web interface and what form values need to be passed.

Thanks Jonathan,

I’ll look into it.

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