Can Eggplant FT be used to automate build steps?

We have another requirement of auytomating build steps (i.e running ant script, copy some files manully etc etc)

Can we do it on Windows machine using Eggplant FT?

What is Eggplant CommandLine option though?

Yes, you can do this using Eggplant. Just think of the steps that a person would do on the Windows machine to run the scripts, copy the files, etc., and you should be able to script Eggplant to do those same steps.

Eggplant’s command line capability allows you to execute scripts from the Unix command line, rather than starting them from within the Eggplant user interface. A single-user Eggplant license can run scripts either way, but not both at the same time (that would require an additional license). A command-line-only license can only run scripts from the command line, and can’t be used in GUI mode.