Can Eggplant be used for support Security Team - Can someone share any example or sample please

Our Team is in discussion to see how Security team can benefit from the Eggplant Automation tool … So, if any one has any thoughts, idea, Sample codes would be Helpful


It might help to understand how your security folks are currently managing integrity of your environment. Do they cover the gambit of roles, from network security to incident response, or focus on one area?

Also, when discussing Eggplant Functional with other teams, I find it helps to demonstrate the automation aspect on a SUT and walk through the basic features of recording, scripting and execution. This generally produces an “aha” moment where the team itself sees an opportunity.

As with any general utility automation tool, what you can use it for depends upon the breadth of the scripting language. Manipulating an application through automation is clearly the primary power of ePF but then the “why” needs to be addressed. Once you have the why from your team in hand, then you have a coding goal that can be researched in the ePF and SenseTalk docs, and here. Questions like “How can I automate cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks in our DEV environment?” or “How can I automate regression testing on a new SUT version that fixes application vulnerabilities?” are easier to respond to :slight_smile:

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