Can EggPlant be used for Flex AS3 Project Automation?

Hi Guys,

Can automated UI testing be done for Flex pure AS3 projects. I have a requirement where we need to automate testing for AS3 projects which most of the automation tools I have found do not work. If its possible with eggplant then please attach a sample project for the same.


Hi Yogendra–

Yes, eggPlant can be used to automate a Flex application. eggPlant is neither object- nor coordinate-based, but instead uses images to drive any user interface as a human would. This technology-agnostic approach allows you to test anything from Flex to Silverlight.

I highly recommend contacting and arranging for a demonstration of eggPlant in action. In the meantime, I recommend having a look at There are several examples of eggPlant performing various tests. Anything you see here is applicable to testing a Flex Application.

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the update. I just want to confirm again from you does EggPlant serve for AS3 Projects as well. Flex uses mx package which AS3 does not have. So when we tried automating AS3 projects with QTP it wasn’t possible as it used Flex automation package which is part of mx package. Can you confirm that we shall not require any Flex related dependencies regarding this.
Also, I just wanted to know how to integrate and test automation of sample AS3 project so that we can propose the use of eggPlant for automation in our projects. A sample would be a great confidence builder in this regard.

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Truly, Eggplant can (and is) used to test Flex and Flash using any version of ActionScript. Because of Eggplant’s architecture it is completely independant of the underlying code. So even if Adobe comes out with AS4 next year, Eggplant can test that too! You can review how this is achieved in the Eggplant Technology section of our website.