calling funciton

hi i have created a suite A in i have script Test and with a function createDB
in another suite b i have created script as Test now HOw can i call createDB function in my Test scipt

that would be done by placing suite A as helper suite into the helper tab of suite B. You would then have access to all the scripts and images from suite A.

as I mentioned earlier both suite having script name as test i want to use the function in the script test which is in the suite A…

I have added suite A in the helpers tab still getting error “unknown function”

That should not be the problem what I did not see was that the function createDB is within the test script. If you would create a script called createDB and place the content of the function in the script without the declaration except for any parameters it should work.

Start by declaring InitialSuites with the path for the Test with the createDB. Now when you call the function createDB it will look in the Test suite from InitialSuites for the createDB script.

The instructions for using InitialSuites are in the Eggplant online help manuals.