Call for XGM Presenters - Automated Testing

For those of you who may not be aware, on April 26 as part of the PMAC track of the 2017 eXperts Group Meeting (XGM), there will an Automated Testing panel. If you are attending and would like to participate, you can reach out to Renata Malkus to see whether the dais is full. If there are particular topics that you would like addressed as part of the panel discussion, you may reply to this post.

Dave Hester
Testing Coordinator, UNC Health Systems

Hi Dave,
Yes, I’ve talked to Renata and plan on being there as well!

Jeff Brewster

Dave, I took a look at the archive and see the PMAC03 panel on test automation. Would that be the right data? Were there any other publicly accessible and relevant materials that came from this XGM? Thanks!

Hi Chris. There is more detail ePF content in my PMAC12 @ XGM2018 presentation.