Bug found

Eggplant found a continue button image. I verified the hotspot is in the middle of the button. It says it clicks it, but it really doesn’t. I visually don’t see it click it either. So, the rest of my script fails because of this. It’s not failing/timing out because of waiting for the next page to appear after supposedly the continue button was clicked. The button is just not actually clicked.

I’m using v2.22 and another co-worker has ran into the same problem on earlier versions too (2.20).

From run window:

Thu, 11/10/05 4:06:35 PM imagefound bt_Continue found at (768, 31)
Thu, 11/10/05 4:06:35 PM click Screen_Trace_0015.tiff
Thu, 11/10/05 4:06:35 PM click at (768, 31)
Thu, 11/10/05 4:07:36 PM Exception pd_PaymentMethod Image Not Found On Screen “pd_PaymentMethod” Within 60.00 Seconds

Does the click fail everytime? Have you tried to run the line of code after it failed?

If the click succeeds when you run the line by itself then you probably have a timing situation where Eggplant probably got ahead of the SUT. Subsequently, the SUT was still doing some processing when the Click event was sent. Therefore, the click was not received.

The best way you can remedy this is to increase some run time options.
You can increase any one of these from Eggplant’s Preferences or from within a script. You might want to try adjusting the RemoteWorkInterval or the MouseClickDelay.

For a complete list of run time options consult the Eggplant Reference manual. There should be a section titled ‘Run Time Options’ under ‘Eggplant Scripting’.

If none of those solve you issue, what OS are you running Eggplant against, what VNC, and what version of VNC? Does this happen in other parts of your script?

I tried it five times with no luck. I selected just the if ImageFound() and the click FoundImageLocation() by itself and it sets in to do the click but it doesn’t actually click. The script was working fine last week.

We’re running on Mac OS X 10.3.9 on both machines. I don’t know what version of VNC, it’s whatever came with it I suppose.

I’ll look into the timing thing but I don’t think that’s it since I’m trying to run just the two command steps by themselves.

I have seen this issue in a few instances.
Execution report says found image and clicked but it doesn’t happen physically.I’ve tried to debg if it is a timing issue but not.

I did mention in my original post that I’m using v2.22.



I was just about to delete my post but apparently you got to it before I did.

There is a known issue within later versions of Panther up to Tiger (10.4.1). That is, when you tried to click in a spot OSX would not register the event until you moved the mouse. It was almost as if all susquent clicks would be queued up and would not be released until you moved the mouse. This has been fixed in 10.4.2.

Try moving the mouse on the SUT after the click and see what happens. Does the click happen after you move the mouse?

Thanks for the info. We’re going to upgrade from OS 10.3.9. Our tech guys are going to upgrade on Monday and then I’ll try again.

I haven’t tried moving the mouse but that’s not an option for me since I want these scripts to run by themselves.

Take care.



It was just a test to determine if what you were experiencing was an Eggplant Bug or an OS X bug.

I haven’t tried moving the mouse but that’s not an option for me since I want these scripts to run by themselves.

You can automatically move the mouse pointer as part of your script if a condition is met/not met (in your case, if the Continue button is still present). If the OS upgrade does not solve the issue, try moving the pointer from the last found HotSpot:

If ImageFound("unclickedImage") Then
	MoveTo FoundImageLocation() + (2,2)
End if

This is also useful for Windows SUTs that occasionally exhibit this behavior.