Bug: Can't get rid of old IP address

Vine Viewer is somehow retaining a memory of an old IP address even after that IP address has been edited and changed.

Here is what occurred?it’s probably an unusual sequence of events.

I demonstrated the operation of VNC to a customer from my Mac laptop while I was attached to his in-house network. His VNC-enabled computer automatically showed up in Vine Viewer with a blue dot, as usual. I left without quitting Vine Viewer. When I got back to my office, I edited the existing Vine Viewer entry to contain his external IP address. When I tried to use it, it gave me the long timeout pause, and then a message saying that the old, INTERNAL IP address was not responding. I rechecked my edit, stopped and restarted Vine Viewer, and tried again, only to get the same result (image enclosed). I finally had to abandon the old entry and create a new one from scratch.

I’m submitting the bug here because I can’t find anywhere else appropriate to submit it. If there is some other place, someone please point me at it. Thanks.

Try deleting the Vine preferences (com.redstonesoftware.Vine.plist) in ~/Library/Preferences/.

But then I lose ALL my stored entries, don’t I? That’s sort of a “shoot the horse” solution. I’ve already solved the problem by deleting the old entry and creating a new one. I just wanted to file the bug, so it might be fixed in a future release.