Browser Compatibility testing for a website

Hi, I am doing a feasibility study to do BROWSER COMPATIBILITY TESTING(IE, FireFox and Chrome) for a live website which has dynamic data keep populating, new ads getting displayed on day to day basis.

I am trying to understand if EggPlant tool best suites to achieve browser compatibility testing and please suggest me if there could be any limitations of the tool while doing the automation.

Hello Ram–

Eggplant uses image recognition and is therefore technology agnostic. It does not require knowledge of the underlying code being used to create the application. It allows EggPlant to test browsers that other tools cannot. This flexibility also means that you can use a custom browser, or when an update to a given browser is released, you do not need to wait on us to release an update. You can keep scripting.

If you are interested in participating in an evaluation, please feel free to contact


Thank you, Allen, i have already an eval copy and evaluating the same. Thanks a lot.