Best way to find an image or text off screen

Newbie here - I can use pageDown or scrollWheel but I wondered if there was a simple way to find an object which was currently off screen (not visable)

Thanks in advance

Hey Bladesrus, there is no way to find images not on-screen. You pretty much have the best ways to move about. I would also suggest typetext endkey/homekey. I try to avoid ScrollWheel as the animation involved can make finding images problematic at times.
I usually use a “scroll_n_Look” handler and send my image or OCR string to that. Something along the lines of…
on Scroll_N_Look SearchType, SearchObject
repeat until imagefound((SearchType):SearchObject,waitfor:1)
Put “Looking for image/text:”&&SearchObject, “Scroll attempt #:”&&the repeatindex
typetext pagedown
if the repeatindex >12
throw “Unable to find image/text:”&&SearchObject, the repeatindex&&“Attempts made.”
end if
end repeat
end Scroll_N_Look

Here is an example of the call to the handler above:
Searching for an image:
Run “Helper_Utilities/Helpers”.Scroll_N_Look “Image”,“DonLemon”
Searching for a text string:
Run “Helper_Utilities/Helpers”.Scroll_N_Look “Text”,“Manchin”

Be sure to set a global search rectangle if you are going to use OCR. Or you could modify the handler to take a “soft” (non-global) search rectangle. You can also get fancier and feed it a list of items to search for and do things. If you need OCR properties you can get fancier with that too of course.

Good luck.

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I was worried this might be the case :frowning:

Many thanks for the confirmation and the snippet - I will give the handler a try :slight_smile:

Thanks again…