Best Practice for capturing identical images across different OS and Application/Web Screens

Hey guys,
I have been reading up on best image practices on the EPF library, but i want to know from the community here what are your best practices to use when it comes to capturing, lets say for instance the Google Chrome Icon on both Win 7 and Win 10 OS across 2 different VMs and to be able to use the same image in a snippet with a handler that calls to that image and clicks, instead of having to capture identical images every time for every new suite/snippet/script…

To get around this our best practice is to use keyboard input first, then if we need to utilize images. We open chrome like this:

set browser to “chrome”
typeText windowsKey & r //open run window, type browser name, run
typeText browser
typeText returnKey

As jkusko said. You can even give the url in the run window:
typetext windowskey, “r”
typetext BrowserVar&&URL_Var
typetext returnkey

MSEDGE is edge