Basic questions

Does Eggplant have any support for database operations? An ODBC/JDBC interface or the like. As an example, can I script a click on a UI element and then in the script open up the database and check to see that an underlying record was properly written?

If the answer is no, could I do this by using the URL capabilities with a RESTful service to pull the record from the database?

Does EggPlane allow me to interact with COM objects or to in a general sense allow me to integrate with dyanmic loading technologies on any platform?

EggPlant does not currently have any direct database access facilities. It is possible that you could use the ability to write to and read from a URL to access the database, or if the database has a command-line interface, you can use the shell command to interact with it. I have done this using a MySQL database.

EggPlant can interact with anything that has a visible presence in the UI – it does not generally have any access to anything in memory on the SUT. It is designed to drive the application in the same way that a user would, with approximately the same degree of visibility into the underpinnings as a user would have.