Auto start up as a service

Is there a way to have the vnc server start up automatically when the computer reboots?


Sorry for the belated reply… To finally answer your question: Yes, using the “System Server” option (available in both Vine Server 3.0 and Vine Server 2.2) you can do exactly that.

I’ve been using VNC for a couple years, and just started a trial of Vine Viewer with Vine Server. THE COMBO IS AWESOME!

Today, while connected to my remote G5 I installed the system server.
I reconnected to it and was able to stop the desktop server and quit Vine Server without losing my connection. So, I know the System Server was working. I double verified this with Mac Remote Control which uses Apple remote events.

the problem: I was ready to try and log out of the current user, as my goal was to log in to another user on the machine and maintain control of the screen. I thought after reading that this is what the system server would do. Is that where I went wrong?

once log out was complete, I lost the connection. I can’t get it back. I learned at the same time (the hard way) that apple remote events don’t work at the login window. I SSH’d in (for the first time) and read online about the command “shutdown -r” which would fix the problem as it’s set to automatic login and vine server is a login item - but since the root user isn’t enabled I can’t do that either.

for me at the login window I get no VNC, no Apple Remote Events, and no SSH rebooting priviledges. Aww, man!

I learned a lot today - a lot about what doesn’t work and what I can’t do.
Can you teach me something that’ll get me back in?



this is only tertiary to Vine Server, I know, but it did save my butt from a problem that was caused by (my misunderstanding?) of VinSserver:
i was able to use the ssh command
‘sudo shutdown -r now’

that rebooted the machine from the login window, and since it was set to automatic login and then that user had Vine Server as a Startup item I was able to regain control.


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