auto-login of multiple users? & remote resolution?

i’ve vineserver running on an osx box.

i’ve two users on that OSX box – say, ‘MAIN’ & ‘BACKGROUND’.

with fast user switching enables, i can successully:

(1) login to BACKGROUND
(2) auto-launch-on-login the VNC server there, and,
(3) subsequently, access BACKGROUND user from a VNC Client (e.g., on a linux box)


(1) must i always first manually log in to BACKGROUND user?

i’d LIKE to be able to restart my OSX box, have it auto-login (locally) into my MAIN user’s desktop, AND launch the VNC-server “for” access to BACKGROUND user in the background …

is this doable? how?

i suppose it would also be valuable to be able to remotely access BACKGROUND user’s LOGIN SCREEN – line a linux remote login, but not clear that that’s possible here.

(2) i’d like the resolution ‘served’ by a given instance of VineServer, for a given user, to be different than my MAIN logged-in user’s.

e.g., MAIN’s desktop resolution is, locally, 1600x1200, but i’d like clients that login to BACKGROUND via VNC to ‘get’ 800x600.



Fast User Switching Automatically
You must get the BACKGROUND user logged in before Vine Server can make it accessible. Normally that needs to be done manually but there is a way to trigger it from a command-line. This isn’t very elegant but it does work.

You can trigger a fast-user-switch from a script like this:

 /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/ -switchToUserID 501

Note: If you have set a password then you will need to type that password in at this time.
Note: You can get the UserID by typing

id -u [i]username[/i]

Now, You can make a text file with the above script and give it a .command extension. Now you can set this script to run when you log-in (using System Preferences->Accounts->LogIn Items).

You can then set your background user to execute the same thing back to your main user.

Yes you can change the resolution independently within the GUI of another user and have the two users have different resolutions.

Included is a little utility script that takes a user name parameter to fast-switch or (if none is provided) switches you the log-in window.