Applescripts and eggplant

Here’s what the big picture is.

I need to invoke eggplant scripts from Windows machines. I found this program called Say What that allows me to do just that.

However for me to invoke anything I need to be able to write Applescripts that will parse XML documents to figure out which scripts and suites need to opened and pass parameters to these scripts.

How would I do something like this?

I’m a complete newbie to Macs (Started using them 2 weeks back) and have dabbled a little with Applescript.

All I know how to do is to write

tell application "Eggplant"

end tell

For example how would I ask Eggplant to return all suites and scripts it knows about?

Would I be better off writing a Unix script and calling that to return my list of files?

Help would be much appreciated!!!

Unless, I’m missing something, Eggplant doesn’t have an AppleScript dictionary :frowning: (one of the first things I did when I downloaded 2.0 was check). In order to have an app pay attention to AS, it needs to have a dictionary.

Shucks! I suppose it’s back to good ol’ Tcl or Shell scripts to run the eggplant scripts then.

How would I run Eggplant scripts from the command line or from scripts passing in the parameters for that script?


Allen is correct: Eggplant is not Applescriptable. However, it’s very easy to run Eggplant from the command line; that facility is built-in. You can find information on doing this on pages 125-127 of the Eggplant Reference, but basically, you call a “runscript” command like so:

/Applications/ -repeat 2 -host ~/Documents/ MyOtherSuite.suite/Scripts/MyScript.script -params "string1" "string2"

The command line functionality gives you the ability to run multiple instances of Eggplant at the same time, each running against a different system-under-test.