It would be extremely powerful if Eggplant supported sending and receiving AppleEvents. This would allow for easy integration between Eggplant and virtually any other major Macintosh application (pretty much all support AppleEvents) through one piece of engineering by Redstone.

For example, I’d very much like to be able to use AppleEvents to record the results of test runs into a spreadsheet, which could then automatically chart the results, etc. Or I could use a database as a source of test inputs to my scripts. Or I could easily generate and process XML.

Given that it could provide all of the functionality of implementing all other integrations in one, I’d love to see this happen – it would eliminate any number of awkward work-arounds that I’m using now to get info in and out of Eggplant.

Adding support for Applescript (AppleEvents) into Eggplant is something we might consider doing in the future. We recognize that for people familiar with Applescript it could be a valuable feature that would allow great flexibility in how Eggplant is used.

By-and-large we favor handling these issues either by augmenting Eggplant directly or providing/recommending SenseTalk scripts to perform these interactions. One reason being that although Eggplant is an OS X based product we have many non Apple users and we don’t want the primary way to work these issue to be a foreign scripting language.