Android Gateway 4.0

Android Gateway 4.0 is now available for download!

Android Gateway 4.0 Release Notes

[list][]Added support for mock locations.
]Added support for ADB version 1.0.36.
[]Android Gateway is now bundled with the latest version of JRE.
]Mac binaries are now signed.
[]Passwords are now obscured in Android Gateway logs.[/list:u]Bug Fixes
]Fixed a bug that prevented installation of Android Gateway in an arbitrary directory on Windows.
[]Android Gateway no longer hangs up when it encounters a non-authorized device.
]Fixed a problem that resulted in Android Gateway using too many ports on the system.
[]Fixed an infinite loop problem that occurred while installing components. If the installation fails three times, Android Gateway will suggest disabling that component if it is not critical.
]On a Mac, copy and paste now work using the Command key.
[*]Other minor improvements and fixes.