Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS and DroidVNC

I finally got my Android ICS rooted and I’m trying to get DroidVNC to work. Seems there are some issues. Before I scour the interwebs for love…

Has anyone gotten DroidVNC to work on ICS?


More info…

I upgraded my Android Target to 4.0.4

I found this guy who did great work updating DroidVNC to get it to work on 4.x

… and it seems to work great with Chicken VNC Viewer but with Eggplant the screen is all red.

See Attached pics. Eggplant on the left, Chicken on the right.

His version of Droid VNC let’s me change the color offsets, Swap Red Blue. All kinds of crazy stuff but none of that seems to work.

Any tips?

Elizabeth at Testplant had the answer… on my side… change the Color Depth under the Connection list to “millions”

FYI… To myself.