Alpha channel on PNG images

Using the OSx version of Eggplant; it seems that the tolerant search is not honouring the alpha channel on a PNG image.

If the image is in TIFF format (converted from the PNG), the image is found.

If the image is in PNG format, the image is not found.

Is this a bug/‘feature’ in the OSx version?


Neither the TIFF or the PNG are being identified using search type tolerant.

The TIFF was mistakenly captured w/o the alpha channel.

I’m using Eggplant 10.2 (1763). Does this version of Eggplant support image masking via a transparency mask; or do I have to do a discrepancy matching type in order to match the image?

The discrepancy match is 1%; I am assuming it is just choking on the alpha pixels.

I have attached as an attachment some of the files with alpha channels I am attempting to match.

This was a matching issue due to not specifying the alpha channel in all areas. A small area was changing far from the ‘main areas’ that were changing

I’m glad you were able to resolve that. Just to be clear, all versions of Eggplant (on all platforms) will match on any part of an image where the Alpha channel is non-zero (eg pixel that have transparency are ignored for image matching purposes).