AIX VNC problems with color depth

I’m trying to run Eggplant 10.12 on a RHEL5 box against a SUT on AIX/CDE. My VNC server startup is:

$ vncserver -depth 32 -geometry 1280x1024 :1

This appears to work correctly, as ps -elf shows the server at 32 bit, and when I connect using either eggplant or another vnc client, xwininfo of the dtterm and root windows both reveal 32 bit color.

Unfortunately, what I’m seeing is far from 32 bit. More like 8. Extremely pixellated backgrounds, blocky fonts, and the like. Not at all what a user will see, or even what I see when connecting to the SUT using Citrix Metaframe.


That’s a strange situation and not one I’ve seen before.
Is it possibly a setting related to the X11 user-session? Are you getting a fresh X11 or is this connecting to an existing one?

Turns out we were using “dtwm” to start the session in xstartup. Switched to “dtsession” and are now getting the color depth you’d expect.

Translation Never mind.